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~ My Family ~

Woofie Marie Kemp | British Golden Retriever

Officially known as Woofie Marie Kemp.
She has my middle name, and Mark’s last name :-)
Over 7 years old now.  She still acts like a playful pup.
Sweet as can be.  Will submit to a Chihuahua.  Wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Follows me around while I feed the other animals.
Feels lucky she is the only one that ever gets to come in the house.  (wild guess)

chickens and ducks

When we went to get our chickens, I saw the ducks.
Had to have them.  Had to.
We thought we were getting two females.  We didn’t.  They hump a lot.  A lot.
They are noisy as heck, quacking every time they see us.
They want to be noticed, I guess.
They love frozen peas.
They rule over the chickens – but they all hang out.
The chickens come running out to me whenever I go around the horse.
The one facing this way is mean.  He pecks at my feet and legs.
So I started wearing my cowboy boots every time I go out, so I won’t get hurt.
But he’s missing now.
Some neighbors complained (rightfully so) that the chickens kept coming into their yard and messing things up.  So we had to contain them.  Miss Meany escaped and we haven’t seen her for days.  Smart one.  I wonder where her new home is.

Raja | Arabian Gelding Horse

This boy’s name was Photon when I got him.  But I couldn’t connect with it, so I changed it.
I had reviewed many names but nothing was sounding good.
So I asked to have a dream to find out his name.  I did.
I woke up with “Raja” on my mind.  Perfect!
Arabian – to suite his breed.
Pretty.  Yet masculine.
We both seem to love it.
Two people I have met while out riding told me he looks like a ‘Raja’.  Yeeeaah.
He brings tons of joy into my life.
I love him.

Mark Kemp

My main squeezie.
Best husband ever.
He has the biggest heart.
I wish everyone knew him like I did.

Angela DiGiovanni


It’s not the family I imagined, but it’s the family that I love. <3

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Here, Kitty Kitty


Kitty Kitty Eats

It started with the hidden mewing when my stepson (Brett) and I got home from church and walked up to the front door.  We both looked at each other curiously, and then instinctively walked across the grass to the window well of the basement.  We looked down – and there she was.  Helpless.  Mewing.

Brett jumped down the well, scooped her up and handed her to me.  We brought her inside to feed her – so little and frail she was.

Kitty Kitty Sleeps

And then Kitty moseyed around and made her way to the couch, where she jumped up and snuggled herself to sleep.  I think this is where I fell in love.

Kitty Kitty's first car ride

Then the storm came.

It was time to take Brett to work.  We couldn’t put Kitty Kitty out in the storm.  But we couldn’t leave her in the house.  How would she and Woofie get along?  Who knows where she would go potty?

So we brought her with us, naturally.

Kitty Kitty in the car

And she curiously hopped around the car.

Kitty Kitty curious

And became part of our little family.

Kitty Kitty

Woofie has been so good to her… giving her her space and letting Kitty get used to her without being intimidating.  The first 36 hours Kitty hissed every time they would get close.  We taught Woofie to keep her distance.  Now, whenever the Kitty comes near Woofie out of curiosity, Woofie turns her face away from her, so as not to intimidate her.  I am praying they will be friends in time.

Woofie | Sweetest Dog Ever

The sweetest dog ever, affectionately watching from the ground while I hold and pet Kitty on the couch.

I am taking name suggestions…



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Some Things I Love About Saturdays…


Afternoon Snack with Niece and Nephews
Afternoon Snack with Niece and Nephews

It’s been a very chill day today – just some cleaning, running errands, and a lovely date with our oldest niece and nephews.  Can you spot Enzo?  :-)  It was so nice to sit together and talk.  As young as they still may seem, whenever we are over at their house anymore, they all seem to scatter, doing their own thing.  We can’t seem to talk them into playing board games anymore, or going on walks together.  Oh, they are growing up!  We figured if we took them out for a little treat we’d get to have a short moment in time where we were all together talking. And it worked.

I took some funny pictures of each of the kids, but I had to swear not to show them to anyone.  Gianna begged and begged, saying, “don’t you know anything about being embarrassed by something?”  Oh, yes G, I do, sweetheart. I won’t share.

But right after, Vincent runs up to me as I stand in line inside to get G some water and starts mocking me after Uncle Mark showed him a video of me doing an embarrassing ‘excited dance’ over some good news.  He started busting out my moves right next to me in line.  I think my half-jesting gaze of disapproval seared right through the windows of the storefront and through Mark’s face.  The kids got a kick out of it.  Oh, how one-sided things are!

Vinnie bought himself an iPod Touch and showed me the “Words With Friends” application… hooked.  I love that we can connect over this game miles apart.  You can even leave fun little comments/text messages to each other. And how awesome it is that he bought his Touch with his own money that he earned and saved up?  This kid is an 11-year-old genius.  And he initiates Word games with me… love.

Earlier this morning we went to the farmer’s market…

Saturday Morning Farmer's Market

Saturday Morning Farmer's Market

And now I have this Noble Beast laying under my desk at my feet as I type this post…

Woofie the Noble Beast

Woofie the Noble Beast

And now I shall go create some art…

Happy Saturday!

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Technical Difficulties

Boo.  My website is experiencing some technical difficulties :-(  I guess that is what I get for trying to wing it with my own make-shift solutions!  As you can see, this main site works just fine, but once you click on a Post Title, you get the 404 Not Found error.  Please know that I am desperately trying to remedy this… I’m sorry you can’t comment until then!  I hope to be back up and running by tonight at the latest.

For now, enjoy some pictures of my stargazing puppy :-)  Okay she’s not a puppy anymore… but she’s a Golden Retriever, so I think she’ll always act like one.  You should know… she doesn’t Retrieve anything.  Ever.  She doesn’t stick her head out the window in the car.  She doesn’t jump in lakes, rivers, or oceans.  When she gets to heaven she is going to be shocked… I was a DOG? she’ll wonder…

Woofie Marie Kemp, Stargazing

Woofie Marie Kemp, Stargazing

Woofie Marie Kemp, Happy as a Clam :-)

Woofie Marie Kemp, Happy as a Clam :-)

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~ My Family ~