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Photon the Horse

Woofie Marie Kemp | British Golden Retriever
The Childless Mother

~ My Family ~

Officially known as Woofie Marie Kemp. She has my middle name, and Mark’s last name :-) Over 7 years old now.  She still acts like a playful pup. Sweet as can be.  Will submit…

August 21, 2012
view from a country road
The Horsewoman

Man and Horse | The Dance

The last week has been a dance of push and pull with my horse Photon. One full of grace, and full of awkward toe-stepping, alternating depending on the day, the trail, the road, and…

July 8, 2012
Arabian Gelding Horse | Photon
The Horsewoman

My Ray of Light

I walked into the corral and met him for the first time. He was so shiny and almost black. Naked, without any tack or saddle. A glorious and gentle beast – almost took my…

July 4, 2012