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The Poet

Blind Lovers’ Lips | a Poem

Every rose is equal parts blossom and thorn, yet, most automatically only see beauty. What does that say about love? If such blind lovers’ lips Were to greet yours, would you accept, or reject…

January 5, 2013
light seen in the dark
The Poet

A New Day Has Come ~ A Poem

Sometimes inspiration knocks so¬†subtly, we can hear it only if we’re quiet. What have we been missing when the noise in our head is left boundary-less? Who have we been withholding from? Who has…

March 21, 2012
Angela DiGiovanni
The Artist

One Day | A Little Ditty

A little ditty I wrote in church today… One day, I’ll have peace, I’m sure I’ll be restored and not defective, a plentiful mother, and more One day, I’ll be strong and secure no…

January 29, 2012