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New Item For Sale | Yellow

Hey guys, I just opened a Shop on my blog and am selling this painting I did this afternoon. So go check out the details in the Shop!

Also, congrats to Arlene who won my ATC giveaway on my Facebook Page!  Make sure to Like my Facebook Page if you haven’t already ~ I’ll be doing another giveaway there in a couple of weeks!

Yellow | Angela DiGiovanni Art


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Giveaway | Not a Pretty Girl

Giveaway | Angela DiGiovanni Art

Who wants it? It’s an ATC (Artist Trading Card) ~ 2.5×3.5″

The giveaway is on my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AngelaDiGiovanniArt

To qualify:
1. Like my Page
2. Leave any comment on the photo on the Facebook Page

That’s it!

The winner will be chosen by random (.org) on Wednesday after 8pm MST!

The portrait is done in Oil Pastels.

Good luck!

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New Item For Sale | Yellow

Swaddled | Pastel Art

Swaddled | Pastel Art by Angela DiGiovanni

More and more I’m realizing what an outlet art is for me.  It calms me down, takes me into another world where I’m focused and undistracted, and melts stress away.  Last night I was in the thick of stress and frustration, so I stopped what I was doing, got cozy on the couch and whipped this woman and her baby out.  Typically when I sit down to create a piece of art, I have no intentions.  I let my hands and mind go free to intuitively create when I’m in this mode of needing to de-stress.  I love to see what transpires, what is buried in my heart and mind.  My work always tells me a story, and reveals something about myself… what I long for, what I’m feeling, angst I didn’t know was there, love I didn’t know was there.  I love this process.

I named this piece ‘Swaddled’.  The woman is swaddled in her black tunic, and she is likewise swaddling her baby in the black blanket (or maybe in her own tunic?).  She is resting peacefully on a rug, sitting on her knees, enjoying the serenity of holding her baby.  She looks up to find someone looking upon them, and she pulls her progeny closer to her chest.  Vines of life grow behind them.

This was done in all pastels.  Normally I mix a lot of media together, but sometimes that can feel overwhelming with too many choices to incorporate.  Last night I just wanted a simple release of whatever was stirring in my heart.  Painting a piece this size (9×12) normally takes me two to four hours, but this all bled out of me in about 40 minutes.

Besides creating an art piece, I equally love digitally manipulating my work once it’s done, to create a variation, or something entirely new.

Swaddled | art by Angela DiGiovanni

This is probably my favorite variation.  I’m a sucker for anything monochrome, black and white, or sepia.  The bokeh lights look golden and make her look gypsy-like.

Swaddled | art by Angela DiGiovanni

I’m also a sucker for dark and moody.  The tones on this one provide more of a contrast.  I dunno… maybe this is my favorite.

Swaddled | art by Angela DiGiovanni

This divine light coming down on her head makes this one look more ‘Madonna and child’.

Swaddled | art by Angela DiGiovanni

I like the off-centered composition on this one…

Swaddled | art by Angela DiGiovanni

and the deep purpley tones on this one.

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The Perfect Day | Painting and Horses

Hubby and I recently made our third move in 14-months (ack!), so the last couple of weeks has been all about unpacking and getting settled.  But who am I kidding?  I tend to get to the settled part before all of the unpacking part… so I’m still living with unpacked boxes!  Organization has never been my strong suit (though I’m working on it because I’ve experienced the difference it makes in my productivity).

But by today, I felt like we’ve made a big enough dent that I could take the time to paint after way too long of a break.  First, I made an inspiration board on Pinterest to help piece together my vision.  We moved to a very small town (population 1500) known for it’s massive and beautiful lavender farm, which is what inspired this vision.  Here is a sneak peak of how the painting is going:

Lavender Field Painting WIPIt was practically the perfect day, because I also got to do some ground work with my horse and ride him around my neighbor’s arena.

Horse Kiss

and how cute is this…?

Horses Kissingmy boy on the right

I’m so in love with my sweet, silly boy.  I feel beyond blessed to have him in my life.

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Love Isn’t Love Until You Give it Away

What I Possess Seems Something Far Away

Today we came across a stranger that we felt impressed to offer a small gesture to. He was so touched that all he could do was shake my hand (the closest to him) while he hung his head and began to cry. As if in shame he quickly turned to walk away, looking back once to thank us with his piercing blue eyes. Already by then, we were both crying, too. Eye to eye, we connected on a deeper level than there were words for anyways. It was so special.

In those moments, I had an overwhelming feeling of all the sadness and struggle in the world. I felt the pain of this man, and I felt the pain of the world. This often oppressive and cruel world we live in. It should not be so hard to get along in. This modern world has gotten so complicated – no longer the Agrarian Ideal that it once was. With the flippant loss of a job, our whole world can be turned upside down.

Because I am a very ‘to-the-point’ person, I’ve been working on being kinder to people. To take the time to connect with people, even over simple and quick exchanges, like paying for a drink at the cafe, or paying the attendant at the gas station. Having done both today, I noticed that niether one connected with me or looked me in the eye. Instead they both went through the motions routinely.

I was not offended. I know that their jobs must feel route. I also know that somewhere in their lives they are experiencing pain. Pain is pain, no matter how big or small we perceive it to be. And we all have different levels of tolerance for it. I find that I can have more compassion for people when I keep this top of mind. And I try to emulate my husband, who is very good at not letting someone else’s behavior change his ideal behavior. I love this about him.

Last night while on our deck on our customary “sunset date”, Mark asked me how I would treat people differently if I knew that the Earth would be doomed in a year. I would take the time to connect. I would turn every exchange into an opportunity to be kind. So this is my quest.

Life is hard. People need a break. This world could be a different place if we were all just kinder to each other.

Love isn't Love Until You Give it Away

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