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Deep Fried Twinkies

Deep Fried Twinkies

As if Twinkies weren’t bad enough… they need to be deep fried?  This photo was taken last summer at The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Yes, I tried one.  But in my defense, four of us split one.  We just had to try it.

It’s been a rough day in my new mercury detox journey.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and spent the day staring at my computer, really getting nothing accomplished.  Headaches.  Body aches.  Brain Fog.  Tooth aches.  Nausea.  And a little depression, to boot.  Perhaps what it may feel like after eating several Deep Fried Twinkies…

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the vitamins I should be taking (and not taking *all* of them), the steam rooms I should be sitting in (and not), the foods I should be eating (and not), the massages and acupressure I should be getting (and not).  Sigh.

Tomorrow is a new day, and maybe I’ll find the strength to stop ‘shoulding’ on myself.  :-)

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Celebrating a Mercury Free Mouth!

Amalgam Dental Revision

Yesterday I had my second and final visit to get my amalgam teeth fillings taken out and replaced with a compatible material.  That first step is done, and I’m SO glad, but I’m not fooling myself… I know there are months and possibly years of mercury detox ahead of me.  This picture is of me – fully prepped (sans oxygen in this picture) for removal from my mouth of one of the most hazardous materials known to man… mercury.

There is a huge list of mercury poisoning symptoms.  Mine include:

  • extreme irritability
  • indecision
  • memory loss
  • inability to concentrate
  • chronic fatigue
  • insomnia
  • withdrawal
  • numbness in limbs
  • metallic taste and metallic smelling hair at times
  • chronic dizziness/nausea
  • low blood pressure
  • heart murmur (benign)
  • poor immune response
  • candida overgrowth
  • chronic headaches
  • kidney infection
  • trouble conceiving and miscarriage
  • in previous years, persistent depression

…to name a few.  By far, the worst thing I’ve struggled with since I was in my late teens is chronic fatigue – it’s debilitating.  It’s not normal and I always knew there was something ‘wrong’ with me, though no doctor could ever find anything abnormal.  Over the years I’ve prayed for answers and my journey has led me here.  You can read more about this in my first post about safe amalgam removal.

There are many safety precautions that must be taken during the removal process.  In the picture you will see the blue rubber dam over my mouth with only my teeth poking through, to protect me from any falling mercury as it is chunked out of my teeth.  You can also see that I am mostly covered up, for similar protection, and the big white vacuum hose under my chin to suck out the mercury vapors being released into three levels of filtration.  In the room is also a negative ion generator.

I had a separate oxygen supply, took large doses of liquid vitamin C before and after, as well as activated charcoal.  Removal is done is quadrants, with highest charged quadrants taken out first.  (I had seven fillings total.)

The reason for such precautions is because many people get their amalgam fillings removed randomly and end up with serious nervous system diseases.  This is a highly toxic metal that is treated as hazardous waste in dental offices (what is it doing in our mouths???).  And CA proposition 65 requires this warning label in all dental offices:

“WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

It just makes my heart ache to think about mercury poisoning having anything to do with our troubles conceiving and suffering miscarriage(s).  But on the good side, this whole revision and subsequent mercury detoxing could be an answer to that painful life challenge.

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First Day After First Part of Dental Revision

I slept fine last night after the first part of my revision.  I wish I could say I woke up feeling full of energy, but as usual, I did not.  I know that it will take time – maybe lots of it.

However, what I have experienced today is a certain ‘calm’ that feels foreign to me.  I love it and hope it’s here to stay.  Whether or not it is a result of my revision is too soon to tell.

When I went to our local health food store to buy raw milk today, I had a nagging feeling to mention to the clerk there that I’m going through Total Dental Revision (getting rid of and replacing all of my amalgam silver fillings).  Feeling kind of dumb, but following my gut, I walked up to him and mentioned it.  I thought I was telling him maybe because he would have a good supplement suggestion – even though I’m following the Huggins Protocol as much as my budget will allow.

He absolutely lit up and said, “Good for you!!  (A moment of pause) Safely, I hope???”  He was glad to know I am following the Huggins safe removal protocol.  Believe it or not, it turns out that he also owns a private nutrition practice and has a focus on Mercury and other heavy metal Detox.  I mean, what are the odds, right?  I love it when I trust my gut.  I love it when God shows me in those little ways all of the time that he is watching out for me.

Needless to say, I’m going to visit him during his ‘practice’ hours.  He helps people through chelation – which is a process of carrying the mercury out of your body safely through a detox process.

I’ve noticed that my nose won’t stop running today.  That and the calm feeling were the two after effects of yesterday.  Any others in the coming days will be documented.

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