Deep Fried Twinkies

As if Twinkies weren’t bad enough… they need to be deep fried?  This photo was taken last summer at The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Yes, I tried one.  But in my defense, four of us split one.  We just had to try it.

It’s been a rough day in my new mercury detox journey.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and spent the day staring at my computer, really getting nothing accomplished.  Headaches.  Body aches.  Brain Fog.  Tooth aches.  Nausea.  And a little depression, to boot.  Perhaps what it may feel like after eating several Deep Fried Twinkies…

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the vitamins I should be taking (and not taking *all* of them), the steam rooms I should be sitting in (and not), the foods I should be eating (and not), the massages and acupressure I should be getting (and not).  Sigh.

Tomorrow is a new day, and maybe I’ll find the strength to stop ‘shoulding’ on myself.  :-)

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