Downtown San Francisco Library Collage

Downtown San Francisco Library Collage

Today the hubs and I went to the San Francisco library downtown.  What a grand library it is!  Some six levels.  I parked myself at a table with some writing books… “Writing as a Way of Healing”, “The Writer’s Mentor”, and “Get Known Before the Book Deal” by Christina Katz, the Writer Mama.

Many, many thoughts are germinating in me as I think about writing my memoirs and I’m looking for all the guidance I can get.

Is it too personal?

Where does my story end and others’ begin?

Where do I start?

How do I balance honesty with respect?

How different would it be if I knew it was for my eyes only versus publishing it before the world?

And will the latter allow for the maximum healing through writing that I so enjoy?

When do I look for a publisher?

How do I look for a publisher?

Do I look for a publisher?

My mantra as I’ve been writing has been the famous quote by Anais Nin:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

I know that I am supposed to write this.  It’s nagged on my heart for years.  I’ve asked for the blessing of my ex-husband.  He gave it to me.  He’s a good man.

Today I watched a clip of Brene Brown talking about those who are “Wholehearted” and those who are not.  As a social worker who has spent years of research on this subject, she concludes that those who are Wholehearted, believe they are worthy of love and belonging, and they have COURAGE.  The Latin word “cor”, means heart.  Courage means to act from the heart, to tell your stories from the heart.

She also shared that in order to form connection, we have to allow ourselves to be seen.  I’ve spent far too much of my life feeling disconnected and on the fringe.  I’ve got to share my stories to connect with you.  To let you know you are not alone.  To give you hope.  To heal.  To be me.  To live out loud.  To be free.

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