Photo of Mark and I at Christmas

Photo of Mark and I at Christmas

My husband and I used to point to couples in restaurants and guess whether they were married or dating, and if married, for how long. We would base our guesses on how much they were talking to each other, whether they were smiling, flirting, and touching. When we’d see a couple not talking, or worse, each reading their own books or doing their own thing, we’d know right away… MARRIED!

We swore we’d never be that couple. But alas…

And now, of course, I get it (or am I only justifying it?). After being married for awhile, there is no more pretense and there is comfort in silence. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to talk.

Recently we were at a restaurant and a very, very, very old couple was at a table across from us.  They never spoke a word to each other until they got up to leave.  He helped her with her coat, and they both hobbled away from the table in walkers.  It was so, so sweet.  And I actually hoped that one day, that would be us.  I mean, after being married for some 60 years as they likely were, what do you have left to talk about?  I’m okay with that.

Flirting… touching… I hope we never give that up.  If those things stop, what fun is it anymore?  Most people don’t associate flirting with marriage – they reserve that for dating.  Well guess what?  Your honey would still LOVE to be wooed.  Men are hunters… give him something to chase…


If flirting with your spouse isn’t part of your relationship – FLIRT with your honey THIS WEEK. See what happens… regular flirting will bring magic into your marriage.  Promise.

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