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The Foodie

Zesty Orange Cranberry Muffins

Oh, yeah.  They taste as good as they look!  I found this recipe for Orange Cranberry Muffins after googling “What to do with cranberries?”  I’ve never cooked or baked with them.  Ever.  But I…

November 16, 2012
Snowy Woodlands
The Wanderer

Profound Lessons On a Farm

  Hubs and I recently took a drive into the heart and true boonies of Utah to get a closer look at a more agrarian lifestyle.   Driving to nowhere, we eventually found ourselves…

November 10, 2012
CSA Farm
The Truth Seeker

Community Supported Agricultural Farm

It was seven weeks ago that Mark and I sought out and found a Community Supported Agricultural Farm.  After becoming so disenchanted with what we’ve learned about most store bought foods, we thought, if…

October 30, 2010