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Angela DiGiovanni Art
The Artist

The Mythmaker ~ Digital Art

Really digging mixing my art with digital manipulations and creating an entirely new piece… Related posts:Hold Onto the Child~ Cousin Love ~Not All Who Wander Are Lost | JRR Tolkien…

March 22, 2012
snow storm in the woods
The Artist

Woodland Adventures

close up of my last journal page girl journal exercise on our way to church Sunday the road less traveled The last week we’ve had our first glimpse of the challenges of living at…

January 23, 2012
Cousin Love
The Childless Mother

~ Cousin Love ~

Cutest Cousins Ever. ¬†That’s all. *my nieces, Gianna (10), Savannah (3), Sophia (6)   Related posts:Happy 35th Birthday to Me!Favorite Photos Friday | IIIWoodland Adventures…

January 19, 2012
Hold Onto the Child
The Ponderer

Hold Onto the Child

my grand-daughter, Anela hold onto the child that’s sleeping in your arms promise you will be there when life gets cold and hard hold onto the child who wakes to see you smile it’s…

January 18, 2012