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Mother and Child by Gustov Klimt
The Childless Mother

To the Childless Mothers

I never expected Mother’s Day to be so hard.  Before church, it didn’t cross my mind once that the service would be all about it.  I sat in the pew and looked at the…

May 8, 2011
Mark Kemp and Angela DiGiovanni Wedding Day
The Ponderer

Valentines Shmalentines

It’s not that I’m anti Valentines Day.  I’m just not super into it.  It’s the Day that you feel compelled to do all sorts of things that you may or may not feel like…

February 14, 2011
Me and Woofie
The Traveler

On Our Way to Vegas

While many of your Holiday celebrations have come to a close, we are on our way for one more shabang… meeting the kids in Vegas! This year we decided that we would do Christmas…

January 2, 2011