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A blessing box is simple and sweet, and well, a blessing to those who receive them… secretly.  My niece and nephews and I had a little pizza and blessing box making party just before Christmas.  After hours of painting, stuffing, and ribboning, we made the rounds to some houses in their neighborhood after dark, and anonymously left these little blessings for people to find on their porch!  It was a fun way to get the kids in a giving mode, when so much of Christmas for kids is all about receiving.  The thought of running around after dark, being secret agents, has its allure with kids (and adults, alike).  This idea came from a blog I read regularly, Kindness Girl.

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The insides are stuffed with fun little sayings, or blessings, like: ‘Embrace Your Life’s Passion’, ‘God loves you’, ‘Your Trials Are Blessings in Disguise’, etc.  My Sunday School students helped me make and cut out all of the sayings.  Then we topped them with a piece of candy.  I’d like to believe that all the blessings find their way to the right person.

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Of course the kids took breaks to do what they love to do most when they come to my office… :-)  They are all imaginative and artistic.

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My nephew Enzo (the one in the middle of the picture of them drawing) asked for ‘Peace’ on his Christmas list.  He’s eight.  His heart is as big as the sky.  When asked about it, he said he wished that no one would have to get picked on.  He is a peacemaker, usually thinking of others, even when they are unkind to him; and usually taking the high road.

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Jen Lemon put a call out on her blog for some secret agents in a covert kindness operation on behalf of someone she knew who was in need of some serious encouragement.  Tons of people mailed Jen with a line of encouragement.  Something we knew to be true.  Something we’ve gained from our own trials.  I wrote and told her that “our trials give us the opportunity to become our BEST selves.”  I do *know* this.  She put all the lines of encouragement in a glass jar, and secretly gave it to the woman in need.

I also know that when we give to others, we lift our own spirit in the process.  It’s a sure way to pull ourselves up out of our own despair, if even for just awhile, until the next time.  I’ve learned to take life only serious enough to realize that it is our temporary school, to learn about ourselves, serve others, and stretch and grow.  We graduate this school life when our physical bodies die, and our spirits’ live and move in other realms.  I believe we take our knowledge and experience with us.  It seems easier to face our trials when we know that without them, we can’t become better.  And it sure is rewarding and fun to encourage others along the way.

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