CSA Farm

It was seven weeks ago that Mark and I sought out and found a Community Supported Agricultural Farm.  After becoming so disenchanted with what we’ve learned about most store bought foods, we thought, if only we could find a local farm to buy organic, in-season fruits and vegetables from. To our extreme delight, our cute little CSA Farm turned up… right up the road from us.

CSA Instruction Board

So for the past seven weeks, we’ve gone to this little farm to collect our food for the week.  When we first get there, we sign in.  You actually become a shareholder in the farm for the period that you sign up for.  And they were having a problem with outsiders dropping in, thus leaving the shareholders short of their own food.

Above the tables are white boards with instructions of what to take.  A pound of eggplant.  A head of lettuce.  A bunch of herbs.  Etc.  On our first pick-up, we had no idea what to expect.  I literally showed up in my crocks and clothes I figured would get dirty, thinking we’d be pulling our own food out of the ground or off the trees.  As fun as that would have been, that’s not the way it’s done.  It’s all picked for us and displayed on tables inside the barn.  Oh, and every week, we also got a surprise baked good.  The yummiest treat ever.

CSA Garden

CSA Greenhouse

So the summer CSA is over and now the winter one begins.  The hard part for us was that we got so much food that we weren’t accustomed to eating and did not really know what to do with – so much went to waste if not given to neighbors.  We decided not to sign up for the winter CSA, and instead scoured out all the grocery stores around us for the best organic and local options.  In a perfect world, I wish the CSA farm worked for us.  But it was too expensive to keep up, considering the amounts of foods we did not use.  The ubiquitous ‘someday’ when we have more time, perhaps we’ll be more adventurous with our foods.

CSA Farm Entrance

I’m so grateful for the experience and the joy that it was to be on this life-giving farm.  A simple kind of life that I dream about living ‘someday’.  Goodbye, for now.

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