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Soul Friends Pulled Together by the Moon

A Friendship Discovered

A Friendship Discovered | My First Owl Painting

Bird, meet owl.  Owl, meet bird.  These little peeps just discovered they are soul friends pulled together by the moon, whose resemblance they both bear :-)  And I just discovered that I *heart* painting cute little owls and birds.

This was my first time working with acrylics.  Well, not really.  But the first time I feel like I’ve painted anything decent with them. Misty Mawn’s Stretching Within art class got to be a real struggle for me when acrylic painting was introduced.  I’ve had the hardest time working with the heavy body, quick-drying paint.  When I was a kid I was used to water color paint, which is so much more flexible.  I’m glad I didn’t give up – because I feel like I’m finally getting used to working with them and liking the results.

I took a little break from Misty’s class to try my hand at Juliette Crane’s owl techniques.  After reading through the current issue of Somerset Studio and seeing her spread (along with Misty’s!), I was inspired to give it a try.  Of course I can pick it apart to death and see all the little things I would do differently next time, but I’m pretty happy with the results for being my first owl painting.

I’m loving rediscovering my love for art that I had as a kid.  I lost it as an adult because it always seemed so impractical to spend any time on it.  But my soul is loving the creative outlet and the way time just seems to stop when I’m doing it.  We deserve a break, you know?  I think we need to do better in life at finding joy – we work too much, too hard.

What do you like to do to take time out?

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Sleep Versus the Creative Flow

Sleep Vs. Creative Flow

Sleep Vs. Creative Flow

It’s futile. The Gushing Creative Flow always wins.

Why is it that I’m practically falling asleep at my desk during the day, hit ‘create new blog post’ and stare blankly at the screen, or pull out a new art canvas and draw a blank, but at 4am I wake up with all kinds of creative thoughts that I just can’t turn off?

I’m like an innocent bystander while I witness the dual between sleep, begging for mercy, and Creation, begging for her outlet.

Sleep says, “I’m exhausted, and if I don’t get my needs met, Angela will be grouchy and good for nothing this day.”

Creation retorts, “I’m not always around, and you better let me have at her while I’m available.”

“But have you no mercy, Creation? Can’t you see she needs her sleep right now?”

“I have none,” Creation answers. “For many people I must visit and this was the only time I could come to her.”

Sleep doesn’t buy it.

Creation doesn’t care.

“Take me now, or forever let her be stuck,” Creation says.

And so, Creation wins. Always.

‘Bout time for Sleep to get a backbone.

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Pixies, Peace, and Secret Missions

Blessing Boxeshipstamatic photo: Blessing Boxes

A blessing box is simple and sweet, and well, a blessing to those who receive them… secretly.  My niece and nephews and I had a little pizza and blessing box making party just before Christmas.  After hours of painting, stuffing, and ribboning, we made the rounds to some houses in their neighborhood after dark, and anonymously left these little blessings for people to find on their porch!  It was a fun way to get the kids in a giving mode, when so much of Christmas for kids is all about receiving.  The thought of running around after dark, being secret agents, has its allure with kids (and adults, alike).  This idea came from a blog I read regularly, Kindness Girl.

Blessing Box Stuffing

The insides are stuffed with fun little sayings, or blessings, like: ‘Embrace Your Life’s Passion’, ‘God loves you’, ‘Your Trials Are Blessings in Disguise’, etc.  My Sunday School students helped me make and cut out all of the sayings.  Then we topped them with a piece of candy.  I’d like to believe that all the blessings find their way to the right person.

My Niece and Nephews

Of course the kids took breaks to do what they love to do most when they come to my office… :-)  They are all imaginative and artistic.

Enzo's Wish For Peace

My nephew Enzo (the one in the middle of the picture of them drawing) asked for ‘Peace’ on his Christmas list.  He’s eight.  His heart is as big as the sky.  When asked about it, he said he wished that no one would have to get picked on.  He is a peacemaker, usually thinking of others, even when they are unkind to him; and usually taking the high road.

Secret Mission

Jen Lemon put a call out on her blog for some secret agents in a covert kindness operation on behalf of someone she knew who was in need of some serious encouragement.  Tons of people mailed Jen with a line of encouragement.  Something we knew to be true.  Something we’ve gained from our own trials.  I wrote and told her that “our trials give us the opportunity to become our BEST selves.”  I do *know* this.  She put all the lines of encouragement in a glass jar, and secretly gave it to the woman in need.

I also know that when we give to others, we lift our own spirit in the process.  It’s a sure way to pull ourselves up out of our own despair, if even for just awhile, until the next time.  I’ve learned to take life only serious enough to realize that it is our temporary school, to learn about ourselves, serve others, and stretch and grow.  We graduate this school life when our physical bodies die, and our spirits’ live and move in other realms.  I believe we take our knowledge and experience with us.  It seems easier to face our trials when we know that without them, we can’t become better.  And it sure is rewarding and fun to encourage others along the way.

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Christmas Ornament Swap!

Christmas Ornament Love

Every year for the last 10, I’ve made Christmas ornaments for my nieces, nephews, and now grandkids (did you know that I’m a 34-year-old grandma?  yes, yes I am.  one of the perks of marrying a man with grown kids!).  This year I stumbled upon a blogger’s ornament exchange.  I was psyched when I read about it, and of course signed up.  The lovely Louise Gale organized it.

The instructions were to make four ornaments, mail three out to your assigned people, and keep one for yourself.  And you, in turn, would receive three ornaments from other bloggers.  It’s a fun way to connect and share a creative Christmas spirit.  And so fun, to find a new ornament in the mail over several days!  In the above picture you can see my three that I received.

Unfortunately, the little ball ornament on the upper left came anonymously, which is too bad, because I don’t know who to thank! The ‘sing’ snowflake ornament is a beautiful gold color with green sparklies, given to me by Keya, and the precious girl on the right came to me by the ever lovely Juliette Crane.  I am so in love with this girl.  Juliette does amazing artwork which can be seen in her etsy store.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to you lovely people!

The props holding up the ornaments are some of my new favorite things.  The wire purse and the black vintage jewelry box came from a consignment store.  I love, love, love them.  They make my heart happy.  The jewelry box is lined with a funky turquoise velvet, and when you open the bottom drawer on the right, it plays a song!  The red poinsettia’s came from my local dollar store!!!  :-)

My Handmade OrnamentsHandmade Ornaments

These are the ones that I made.  I almost love how they turned out.  With a few slight tweaks, I would love them.  I didn’t follow any pattern or idea, so I was completely winging it.  The main issue for me is the color of the wool for the felted ball.  It looked way more subtle and less vibrant of a green in the picture I ordered from than what it actually is… (not even captured in these pictures. think neon green.)

My first thought after making the felt balls was, oh, they look like tennis balls! My kind hubby says, “no, they don’t!”  When I showed them to my niece, she said, “oh, they look like tennis balls.”  So yeah, they look like dressed up tennis balls.  What can I say?

What I do love is the beads, which I wish I could have captured better in the picture.  I love the ribbon, and love the wire detailing around the beads.  Look here to see…

Beaded Wire Detailing

In any case, I hope they will make the people I made them for smile :-)

Here is a close up of the girl I love… (sorry for the poor picture quality)

Fresh From the Ocean by Juliette Crane

She’s perfectly pouty and sweet.

What are your favorite ornaments?  Describe what and why; or better yet, post a picture to your blog and comment with a link to it!

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Art, Heart and Healing. Week 1.

Negative Thoughts

I am going through Tamara Laporte’s Art, Heart and Healing mixed media workshop.  If you’ve never checked out her art, website, etsy store, ning community… you must.  She’s adorable and amazingly talented.

I’ve searched high and low for the right workshop for me to get started in mixed media.  There are so many choices.  Many require well-deserved money, but I don’t have much extra these days.  I decided to search on YouTube for some tutorials just to get going.  And then I found her.  The quirky, fun, sincere, generous, and talented Tamara Laporte.  Her work just resonates with my soul and is the outlet my heart has been aching for.  The best news?  She is offering a free internet workshop RIGHT NOW!

I got all of my supplies today.  Not feeling too certain about what I chose… I’m such a newbie.  Oh well, we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

I’m about thirty minutes into the week 1 lesson and completed the first several steps.  I’m doing this on my bed.  Yes, my bed.  I have no place to work – no place to spread out.  (Another story for another time.)  And yes, I managed to get a glob of gesso all over my white down comforter.  Oh well – good thing the gesso is also white.

As you can guess by the title, this workshop has a healing element to it.  One of the first things we were to do was to write down all of our negative thoughts or the thoughts that hold us back – to later symbolically release them by covering them up (with gesso).

I wrote my negative thoughts in different colored pencils and I see that they are showing through the gesso – not supposed to happen.  Oh, well.  I surrender to the process and believe it is just perfect for my first piece.  Hm, what can I learn from my life about this…

My piece is drying now… I’ll keep posting my progress :-)

Covering Negative ThoughtsCovering Negative ThoughtsCovering Negative Thoughts


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