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Hold Onto the Child
The Ponderer

Hold Onto the Child

my grand-daughter, Anela hold onto the child that’s sleeping in your arms promise you will be there when life gets cold and hard hold onto the child who wakes to see you smile it’s…

January 18, 2012
The Artist

Sparkling Skirts and Video Editing

I’ve decided I want to learn too much, too fast on my creative journey.  Oh. Well.  Tonight I played with video editing software for the first time and am so excited for the doors…

January 17, 2011
Anela Pink Tree
The Childless Mother

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Anela, Christmas 2009, by her new pink tree This Christmas I was surprised with the BEST Christmas gift ever, from my adorable grand-daughter, Anela.  Anela is four-years-old.  She calls me ‘Grandma Angel’.  She got…

December 28, 2010