Since I was in my late teens I’ve suffered with severe chronic fatigue.  Like, I could literally take a three hour nap at any given time, I sleep on average nine hours per night, and wake up feeling like I never went to sleep.  I’m usually foggy-headed, lethargic, and moody.  Recently, I’ve noticed it takes constant effort just to keep my eyes focused.  My reading comprehension is horrible.

Many a doctor’s visit have I left feeling defeated and hopeless.  “Your blood work looks fine.”  “Nothing is wrong with you.”  “There’s nothing we can do.”  I’ve tried different diets, exercises, herbs, vitamins, you name it.  That nap is constantly calling my name.

A few months ago, I came across and watched a documentary called, The Beautiful Truth.  Though it is mostly about an alternative cancer cure, called The Gerson Therapy, there is a segment on Amalgam tooth fillings.  Most of us who have had fillings from the 50s through the 90s, likely have these Amalgam, or Silver, fillings.  These fillings contain mercury in them – one of the most toxic substance known to man.  In this segment, they showed a demonstration of the mercury that is constantly vaporizing into our mouths.  You can view in this clip:

I looked into mercury poisoning further and discovered that all of my symptoms could be related.

Even though I can’t prove that my amalagam fillings are my problem, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that they can’t be good for me.  They are treated as hazardous waste in all dental offices…

Through Dr. Huggins, the leader behind the amalgam free movement, I found a local dentist who practices the Huggins Protocol of safe amalgam removal.  Unfortunately it is a very expensive undertaking to have amalgam fillings removed and replaced, especially if you have 7, like me!  Fortunately, I was able to woo Dr. Partrite with my Internet Marketing skills and we were able to agree on a trade.  I am ever so grateful!!!  I trust that he will be as happy with what we can do for him, as I am with what he is doing for me.

Today I had the first part of my revision :-)

I am ever grateful for answers to prayers and the Lord’s continual guidance and care in my life.  Of course, any positive changes in my health will be documented.

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