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29 Faces in May | Day 2

2 29 Faces in May | Day 2

Day | 2
Mediums | Stabilo Marks All Black with water, White Pastel
Time | 40 minutes

Not going for pretty in this challenge, as you can see in my first two.  Focusing on exploring unique and different facial features, head shapes, etc.   I am curious to see how different I can make all of my faces look from each other, or if a common style will emerge.  My favorite artists have such a recognizable style so that when I see their work show up on facebook or instagram (I’m ‘DigAng’, by the way), I know it’s theirs before even noticing their name.  I feel like I haven’t found my style yet – and I’m so anxious to get to that point of my work being recognized as mine, like a signature, without having to read my name.

My mom says she looks like an Indian girl (love the thought of exploring those features more).  My nephew, Enzo, saw her and said, “wow, you’re really good!”  My niece, Gianna, saw her and said, “she has BIG cheeks!”

I shall call her, ‘Cheeky Indian’ :-)

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29 Faces of May | Day 1

1 29 Faces of May | Day 1

I’m participating in 29 Faces of May, hosted by Ayala Art.  I’m a great starter, but not a good finisher :-(  So we’ll see how many of the 29 I complete.  Just thought this would be a great exercise to get in the habit of drawing every day.  But I’m not putting any pressure on myself to keep up with exactly 29.

This girl is made with a Stabilo Marks All pencil in black, and black and white pastels.  I’m travelling right now, so I only brought a few tools to create with.  Time = 40 minutes.  I drew from my imagination only – her eye on the left reminds me a little bit of the model Linda Evangelista….?


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