The Poet

A New Day Has Come ~ A Poem

light seen in the dark

Sometimes inspiration knocks so┬ásubtly, we can hear it only if we’re quiet.
What have we been missing when the noise in our head is left boundary-less?
Who have we been withholding from?
Who has been withholding from us?

Sometimes glimmers of hope are sparkled like fairy dust on the most fragile parts of our hearts.
How many time have we not seen it because it’s been swallowed up by murky waters?

Sometimes in strange and beautiful moments, you’re clear.
And the earth angels are clear.
All at once.
And inspiration is received and bestowed in most inconceivably glorious ways.

And you feel so close to heaven.

And the pain is nudged out by the hope.

And the heart leaps into Spring.

And a new day has come.

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Divine Reflection | A Poem

Angela DiGiovanni | Divine Soul

i caught a glimpse of my reflection
and saw a divine soul
and i needed this to know
for whom the bell tolls

it tolls for me
and it tolls for thee
to give and to receive
so that we are not washed out by the endless sea

death defies me
though i’ve wished to go home
life defies me
though i’ve wished its skills to hone

i am not allowed to escape my bounds
and fighting it is futile
tireless efforts lead me to see
the goddess light within me

a child of the creator
an heir of the kingdom
i am weaving my parts together
that have slowly come undone

the light you saw in me
allows a part of me to be free
my life’s work yet to be
unfurling ever so delicately

so i step towards the light of this life
rather than succumb to taking flight
just yet, i am not done
my mission has only barely begun

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Measure of Man | A Poem


two trees

Measure of Man

to kiss and not be kissed
to love and not be loved
to give and not to get
to live and not regret

to forgive and not be forgiven
to save and not be saved
to extend and not be extended to
to woo and not be woo’d

the great measure of a man
when things do not fall to plan
do our principles change with the variety of colors?
or do we stay the same no matter what’s done by others?

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