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Did you know that you can leave your farm fresh chicken eggs out on your counter for about two weeks before going bad?  They do not have to be refrigerated as long as you do not wash them (until you use them), which takes away the natural bloom that acts as a coating to protect the egg from rotting.  As long as the natural bloom stays on, no air can penetrate it to spoil it.  We keep our eggs in a plastic strainer sitting on the counter until they are used.

Likewise, did you know that you can store eggs for up to one year in your food storage without refrigeration?  Yes, you can!  There is an all natural product, called KePeg Egg Preserver, that you can coat on your eggs and it acts just like the natural bloom, but lasts longer.

My Prepper friend, Kellene Bishop of Preparedness Pro, originally told me about this idea, though, she uses mineral oil.  I’ve used mineral oil to preserve my eggs in the past, but decided to switch to KePeg because there is controversy with ingesting mineral oil.  For those of us who worry about estrogen over-production (which is a cause of infertility), we should probably stay away from using mineral oil, especially when there is an alternative (and an all natural one, all the better).

And I have eaten year-old eggs using this unrefrigerated method – so you can rest assure this is good information!  Just be sure to flip the stored eggs about once per month to keep the yolks in tact.  The best use for year-old eggs is for baking or hard boiling.  If you wonder at all if they are good any more, just remember that your nose won’t fool you!

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