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Oil Portrait Painting in the Style of Amy McDonald

October 19, 2012
Girl Oil Painting | Art by Angela DiGiovanni

Girl Oil Painting | Art by Angela DiGiovanni

So, this happened tonight.  I’m new to painting with oils and I can say with certainty that I won’t paint portraits with acrylics again.  I feel like oils washed away all of my frustrations I had with acrylics.  I live in a very dry climate and they would dry out so fast I couldn’t blend much once on my paper or canvas.  Even my oils I had to keep wetting down with turpentine.  Speaking of which, is by far the biggest (and only?) downside of using oils… the stuff just reeks and you gotta smell it throughout your painting session!  Anyone have any tips?  I feel like I need to wear a mask to protect my lungs!

By the way, this is in the style/technique of Amy McDonald, who so generously documents and shares her process.  This is my first attempt – I’m very excited to keep going with it, learn more, and get better.

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  • Reply Mariette October 20, 2012 at 7:56 AM

    Hi Angela~
    I came across this artist by the name of Lynne Hoppe, and she has a post of some alternative friendly products, she was referred to by someone else.
    Here’s the post:
    “i stopped painting with water soluble oils in early august when i realized that my brushes were becoming as stiff as boards. water wasn’t cleaning the paint out of them completely at the end of the day, and some colors, like phthalo blue and most of the reds, were practically impossible to get out of the brush while i was painting. which led to a lot of research and ended with me buying the cleaners above. they work!! the maimeri brush cleaner is here >> <><&lt; if you want to read more about them. i use the maimeri while i'm painting and the master's cleaner/restorer at the end of the day to thoroughly clean all of the paint out. the master's cleaner is pretty miraculous stuff. when i run out of the maimeri i'm going to try weber's turpenoid natural. thank you, amy, for your help with this… "
    Hope you find this helpful. Her blog is fantastic as well ;-)



    angela Reply:

    Thank you Mariette! I’m so glad to know about these alternative products to Turpentine. Until I can get my hands on some of these things, I’m going to be doing some experimenting today with Coconut Oil… We’ll see what happens!


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