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IMG 20120907 113030 e1347068989863 ~ Family, Flowers, Fertility ~

My sweet grandson was over on Labor Day.  He came in from playing outside holding the first two purple flowers.  He handed them to me, “these are for you Grandma Angel!”  After being thrilled about receiving them, he came in with one more, beaming, loving the joy he was giving to me. <3

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Landon and Korbin.  Grandsons.  Cousins.  Playmates.  Cuteness.

p20120907 184742crop ~ Family, Flowers, Fertility ~

Korbin.  Tea for one.  Sitting on a tea cup.  : )

p20120907 185550 e1347069621726 ~ Family, Flowers, Fertility ~

Good to see family that has been away for months.  A game of cards.  Texting.  And an apple.  Off they go again.  Will miss them.  Is Korbin not the cutest?

IMG 20120906 192314 Shaan50 e1347069909798 ~ Family, Flowers, Fertility ~

The simple solution for infertility.  We’ll see.  : )  Actually… I have a good feeling about this. I feel like my time is coming.  This morning I wrote about 1200 words on this renewed hope and gut feeling.  Not sharing here.  Not yet.  Meeting with Shirlyn next week for acupressure on my ovaries/fallopian tubes.

IMG 20120906 192249 Shaan50 e1347070230100 ~ Family, Flowers, Fertility ~

Perseverance.  Oh, and I just noticed my horsey in the background between the chairs : )

IMG 20120822 225949 Antonio501 e1347070951829 ~ Family, Flowers, Fertility ~


One of my latest paintings.

“I caught a glimpse of my reflection and saw a divine soul.
A child of the Creator, an heir of the Kingdom.
The light you saw in me set me free.
My life work yet to be, unfurling so delicately.
I’m weaving the parts together that came undone.”

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2 Responses to ~ Family, Flowers, Fertility ~

  1. Mel says:

    Good luck with it. I drank Raspberry leaf tea through my pregnancy (after 2 miscarriages) and had an easy labour. Not sure if there is a connection. I did have a few people warn me about the chance of miscarrying on Raspberry leaf as well.

    I now follow a Paleo/Primal diet and that seems to be a sure fire way of getting pregnant according to all i have read about it.


    angela Reply:

    Cool. Thanks Mel. I love hearing what has worked and helps others. It keeps my faith strong.


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