Hubby and I recently made our third move in 14-months (ack!), so the last couple of weeks has been all about unpacking and getting settled.  But who am I kidding?  I tend to get to the settled part before all of the unpacking part… so I’m still living with unpacked boxes!  Organization has never been my strong suit (though I’m working on it because I’ve experienced the difference it makes in my productivity).

But by today, I felt like we’ve made a big enough dent that I could take the time to paint after way too long of a break.  First, I made an inspiration board on Pinterest to help piece together my vision.  We moved to a very small town (population 1500) known for it’s massive and beautiful lavender farm, which is what inspired this vision.  Here is a sneak peak of how the painting is going:

lavenderwip e1343885680297 The Perfect Day | Painting and HorsesIt was practically the perfect day, because I also got to do some ground work with my horse and ride him around my neighbor’s arena.

kissesII e1343885947742 The Perfect Day | Painting and Horses

and how cute is this…?

kisses e1343886047692 The Perfect Day | Painting and Horsesmy boy on the right

I’m so in love with my sweet, silly boy.  I feel beyond blessed to have him in my life.

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