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I woke this morning with a vision…

In this vision, there was a Pitcher.
Life represented the Pitcher.
Life threw Balls.
The Balls were Circumstances.
I was the Bat.
I could not control the Circumstances that Life threw at Me.
What I could control was how to respond.

In the early years of My new existence around this Life,
I let the Balls hit Me.
They were coming at Me, after all.
And Life meant to hit Me.
So I thought.
For years I remained bruised and beaten up by the unforeseen Circumstances,
which I did not like.

Then I heard someone whisper ever so softly,
“Move out of the way.”
And so I did.
And while Circumstances flew all around Me in a flurry,
I did not feel the sting of their pain like I did when I let them hit Me.

Still unsatisfied,
and feeling like Life was just flying by Me,
years later I heard someone whisper again,
“Hit the Ball back out.”
And so I did.
And while I did not hit every one,
I knew that I tried.
And when I hit one out of the park,
I realized the Ball never intended to cause Me pain to begin with.
Rather, an opportunity to hit it out of the park,
and feel a swell of joy for doing so.

I used to be the person that not only let the Ball hit her,
but let It hit her repeatedly.
after a Ball only hit Me once,
I repeatedly threw the same one back at Myself.
Over and over again,
causing more pain than the first time It hit Me,
Until I could make any sense of what was going on.

So what I have learned is that while I could never control which Ball came flying at Me,
I could always choose how I would respond.
Would I let It hit Me?
Would I let It fly right past Me and be lost on Me?
Or would I try to hit It and rise to the measure of my creation as a Batter?

This doesn’t mean I hit It out of the park everytime after that.
It just means I tried.
And when the Ball hit Me after this simple, but profound epiphany,
It didn’t hurt so bad.
Because I always knew there would be another opportunity to shine,
and I would get It next time.

At one point,
I got excited for what Ball might come next.
Because I knew It was another opportunity for growth,
to hone my skills,
to show others how it’s done.

And when the Balls started slowing down,
I worried.
Is this the end of my Life?
Indeed, my opportunities were behind me.
But I felt a swell of pride.
Not because I learned to hit every Ball out of the park every time.
But because I learned to try.

The End.

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