Loving this video and song by Birdy ~ People Help the People, and thought I’d share.

I’m also working on a site redesign!  Though I loved my old simple and elegant theme, Typominima, I just did not want to live without sidebars anymore.

Got my new header up that I made!  Still need some time to decide if I’m going to use it – just trying it on for now.  I love my kaleidoscope art background, but I can’t seem to fall in love with a font and how it’s a little hard to read over it.  I do love the sort of Egyptian vibe it has going on :-)

I added a gallery for my art, but I’m not happy that it won’t take html so I can add links in my descriptions… going to have to keep searching for a gallery I like.  Any suggestions?

Love, love, love my new Visual Poetry page.  Sometimes I just want to throw a picture up here without doing a whole big post.  So that is going to be my ever growing page of pictures and quotes <3.

Working on some custom social media buttons next!

Goodnight all.

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