29 Faces of May | Day 1

1 29 Faces of May | Day 1

I’m participating in 29 Faces of May, hosted by Ayala Art.  I’m a great starter, but not a good finisher :-(  So we’ll see how many of the 29 I complete.  Just thought this would be a great exercise to get in the habit of drawing every day.  But I’m not putting any pressure on myself to keep up with exactly 29.

This girl is made with a Stabilo Marks All pencil in black, and black and white pastels.  I’m travelling right now, so I only brought a few tools to create with.  Time = 40 minutes.  I drew from my imagination only – her eye on the left reminds me a little bit of the model Linda Evangelista….?


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4 Responses to 29 Faces of May | Day 1

  1. rose says:

    Great image ~ I love the intensity of the expression and drawing!


  2. Carol Samsel says:

    She is great!!!


  3. Jenny says:

    She is fabulous Angela… and how wonderful to participate whilst you are traveling… can’t wait to see more… this month is going to be wonderful…

    Jenny x


  4. Ayala Art says:

    She is wonderful, has kind of a hunted face, nicely done!


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