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One Day | A Little Ditty

January 29, 2012
Angela DiGiovanni

Angela DiGiovanni

A little ditty I wrote in church today…

One day, I’ll have peace, I’m sure
I’ll be restored and not defective,
a plentiful mother, and more

One day, I’ll be strong and secure
no more feeble and weak
but full of strength and tempered

One day, I’ll be no more lonely
I won’t be so self-absorbed
and I’ll have friends galore

One day, I’ll be redeemed
I won’t struggle with turmoil
for all my misgivings

One day, I’ll know my place
I’ll be bold and courageous
and won’t hide my face

One day, I’ll give all the love in my heart
I’ll not be insecure and inside it all hoard
and pure love will be my reward

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  • Reply carlanda williamson January 29, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    oh ang,
    you are so beautiful inside and out! your poem makes my heart ache, i have been where you are. it will happen, i am sure. love you. carlanda


    angela Reply:

    @carlanda williamson,

    Hi Carlanda! Sorry it has taken me so long to see this : ( Thank you so much <3 Though I do experience such sadness at times, sometimes I feel bad because I also experience great joy -- but it's usually when I'm going through the pain that I'm needing to write to help process it all!

    It is a confusing journey and it's so nice to have you reach out. Thank you for your encouragement. I just want to be okay with whatever is. From your blog profile, it sounds like you never did have children? I'd love to know your story and if you've come to find peace with it if you'd ever like to share…


  • Reply Kathleen Conard January 30, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    Beautiful as always!


    angela Reply:

    @Kathleen Conard,

    Thank you, Kathleen <3


  • Reply Gillian January 30, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    Oh Angela this is beautiful and heart wrenching. You and I have a lot in common with our worries and insecurities and doubts. I could empathise with every single word of this. I wish we could share and support and befriend over a coffee! X x x


    angela Reply:


    Oh, Gillian, you are so sweet -- it would be lovely to get together should circumstance permit <3 It's always nice to meet a kindred and not feel so alone. But isn't this cyber world wonderful where we * can * find each other, despite being in different countries!

    I'm so excited for you and your journey on Show Me the Monet!! No matter what transpires from here on out… what an amazing compliment to you and rewarding experience. Of course, you've got a whole tribe of us rooting for you!!



  • Reply alice January 30, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    Hi Angela,

    I love this text, it is very touching!
    But it is full of loneliness and sadness … with a great wave of hope (in same time) !
    You know say the thing (thoughts and sentiment) with the poetry and precision.
    It’s very beautiful !!


    angela Reply:


    Hi Alice -- thank you! I think you nailed it. While sometimes I am very sad, I’m also very hopeful and believe in a better world to come where everything and everyone will be restored to a perfect condition <3

    Please stop by again!


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