close up of journal page girl

close up of my last journal page girl

texture sketches

journal exercise

snow storm in the woods

on our way to church Sunday

snow storm in the woods

the road less traveled

The last week we’ve had our first glimpse of the challenges of living at the top of a mountain in the woods!  While absolutely beautiful when it snows, we really do get buried.  Thankfully we’ve worked it out with our neighbors to clear our long, steep driveway when they clear theirs.  Although, that does not guarantee that we will make it up the hill if we leave and the snow dump happens while we’re gone.  A few nights ago, we could not get up the last street to our house in our two wheel drive car (why didn’t we take the truck?!) and were at the mercy of a very nice passerby who led us to a safe place to leave our car and then drove us home.  This, after helping a couple of others before us.  I love how people pull together when needed.

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