Hold Onto the Child

photo 91 e1326928631492 Hold Onto the Child
my grand-daughter, Anela

hold onto the child
that’s sleeping in your arms
promise you will be there
when life gets cold and hard

hold onto the child
who wakes to see you smile
it’s a little bit of heaven
for just a little while

now the days grow short
with still so much to do
while time, precious time
puts on its running shoes

and the years roll on
right before your eyes
just like a falling leaf
against the autumn sky

hold onto the child
that lives inside your heart
that longs for love and laughter
and wishing on a star

hold onto the child
your faith from long ao
there’s time for dreams of flying
you’ve got to keep on trying

there’s time for dreams of flying
before you have to go

~Cardon and Stirling

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2 Responses to Hold Onto the Child

  1. Jill says:

    What a touching poem. It has a few different meanings which I love--it makes me think of this important time with my daughter while she’s still young and then the girl inside of me who still is a dreamer.



    angela Reply:

    @Jill, Yes, Jill!! That’s why I love it, too <3 Thanks for stopping by.


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