It’s a lay in bed all day and eat chocolate when I’m hungry kind of day.  I feel like my heart is 10,000 feet underground.  I’m trying to give myself permission to be in the space that I am, when there are a million things around me demanding attention.  The life of a melancholy… How does the rest of the world live with us?  My husband, so sweetly, sang ‘You Are My Sunshine” to me before getting out of bed, knowing I was going to have one of those days.

Misty Mawn’s Open Studio class began a few days ago, and I’m loving every second.  So grateful to my family who bought me a spot in the class for me birthday.

Charcoal Portrait Drawing

Charcoal and White Pastel Only

Yesterday we had some writing assignments and I chose to make a video to add voice (or in this case, a whisper) and aesthetics to my heptastich poem (a poem with seven lines):

I must understand myself.  I must understand the world.
My basic fear is that of being defective. I’m missing something.  Others have it.
Overwhelmed by my emotion, I indulge in melancholy.
Feeling the sadness of the world, I retreat within.
The world is invasive, so confusing.  I need privacy to think.
I seek integrity and moral courage.
I seek to go home, from whence I came into being.

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