I Am Here Poem

I Am Here {Writing prompt for Misty Mawn’s Open Studio class}

I am above the clouds perched atop the mountains
From my new dwelling place everything looks so small
In the valley below sometimes covered by a thick fog
I am protected from the view of the harsh world below
Cocooned.  A welcome new place.

My head is held high
Not in arrogance
But in confidence
After being beaten up by circumstance
Life can be so cruel
Growth, so tortured

The beauty I know is born of struggle
The kind of beauty that is deeply rooted, and moving
The strongest of trees have endured the harshest winds
I am an Oak, and a Weeping Willow
I am moved by beauty, not by pain
I am soft, breezy, and easy, like weeping vines

Yet I wander in unrest
Always searching for peace and beauty and solace
Not always getting to choose
Chaos thrust upon me
I revolt

I hear my music
And I wish it to be true
The world in my head is so desirable
Full of poetry and pictures
I feel hope I should not have

I see a day with no more pain
But if only I can retain the birth of my beauty
I will welcome it

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