Here, Kitty Kitty


IMG 49251 e1315939111363 Here, Kitty Kitty

It started with the hidden mewing when my stepson (Brett) and I got home from church and walked up to the front door.  We both looked at each other curiously, and then instinctively walked across the grass to the window well of the basement.  We looked down – and there she was.  Helpless.  Mewing.

Brett jumped down the well, scooped her up and handed her to me.  We brought her inside to feed her – so little and frail she was.

IMG 49221 e1315939056784 Here, Kitty Kitty

And then Kitty moseyed around and made her way to the couch, where she jumped up and snuggled herself to sleep.  I think this is where I fell in love.

IMG 4917 e1315939289816 Here, Kitty Kitty

Then the storm came.

It was time to take Brett to work.  We couldn’t put Kitty Kitty out in the storm.  But we couldn’t leave her in the house.  How would she and Woofie get along?  Who knows where she would go potty?

So we brought her with us, naturally.

IMG 4919 e1315939459887 Here, Kitty Kitty

And she curiously hopped around the car.

IMG 4915 e1315939678814 Here, Kitty Kitty

And became part of our little family.

IMG 4910 e1315939856479 Here, Kitty Kitty

Woofie has been so good to her… giving her her space and letting Kitty get used to her without being intimidating.  The first 36 hours Kitty hissed every time they would get close.  We taught Woofie to keep her distance.  Now, whenever the Kitty comes near Woofie out of curiosity, Woofie turns her face away from her, so as not to intimidate her.  I am praying they will be friends in time.

IMG 4923 e1315940086235 Here, Kitty Kitty

The sweetest dog ever, affectionately watching from the ground while I hold and pet Kitty on the couch.

I am taking name suggestions…



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7 Responses to Here, Kitty Kitty

  1. angela says:

    Right now we are just calling her “Kitty, Kitty” or “Kitty”. It might stick.


  2. Beverley says:

    I have two suggestions for you, Katie or maybe Gingersnap (Ginger for short) Beverley


  3. sarah says:

    Hi there Angela. I’m new to your blog so I thought I’d drop by & say hello. “Hello!” Also, I think your new little friend is absolutely adorable! & I think Kitty is the perfect name for her. A little Ms. Kitty Kitty. :)



    angela Reply:

    Hi Sarah -- welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by. We’ve tried on a few names, and nothing seems to fit like ‘Kitty’ :-)


  4. I became all teary looking at the Kitty photos. I miss our cats, Aretha and Franklin. we had them for 13 years.

    The photos are so adorable. Keep us posted on the name!
    Have a great weekend!


  5. Stephanie says:

    She is so adorable and clearly meant to be a part of your family. I kinda like Ms. Kitty for her name.


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