Rubis I Homeopathic Elixir for Infertility

Rubis I Homeopathic Elixir for Infertility

Yesterday I checked in with my holistic doctor for a digital examination.  No, not digital as in ‘computer’.  Digital as in, well, you know… right?  Years ago, before I was ever trying to get pregnant, while having a gynecological examination, my doctor told me that I had a tilted uterus.  This is something that had no relevance to me then, but her words have been ringing in my head lately, so I scheduled this digital exam with my holistic fertility doctor to either confirm or deny this tilted uterus theory.  If it was true, then perhaps that would be the reason I’m not getting pregnant.

Well, I walked in acting as if this would not be awkward at all (isn’t it always harder when you kind of already know the person first?), which carried me through until he walked out the door and I could get up and put my clothes back on.  Ugh.

So there’s good news and there’s bad news.   The good news is that I don’t have a tilted uterus.  The bad news is that I don’t have a tilted uterus!  Hehe – am I impossible, or what?!  Had the results been ’tilted uterus’, at least I feel like I we would have had something to fix.

The doctor said I am very healthy, and then, he gave me the magical homeopathic elixir!!  This, is what he said does the trick, if after the nutritional regimen he puts people on isn’t working after a year.  He put me on it right away since I’m running out of time!  (I love how the light and shadows cast what looks like a heart behind the elixir in the picture :-)

As far as nutrition, of course, he recommends a raw foods diet – full of raw vegetables and fruits, good protein – including pasture raised eggs every day, raw milk (some of you are freaking right now!), lots of animal fats and other good fats (raw butter, cream, avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.)

Thankfully, we have a chicken farmer down the street from us and we’ve been eating his eggs for months now.  They aren’t fed any grains or corn, and they are free to roam the farm and pick at the soil for nourishment.  Sometimes we see them roaming around among the horses feet – so cute.  I don’t know what the farmer will feed his chickens in the winter…

Hubs and I have been raw milk drinkers for about four+ years now, so that is no problem for me.  Raw milk from pastured (not Pasteurized!) cows who roam free in an acre or more of their own and are grass fed is perfectly safe and healthy.  It was drank (having a brain fart… did I use that word correctly?) and used for medicinal value up until after WWII.  Sadly, pasteurization and homogenization kill all the good bacteria, and hence leave store bought milk lacking in any nutrition (not to mention all the dangerous hormones and whatever else they put in there).

We also started juicing about a month ago to infuse our systems with all the vitamins and minerals that we don’t always get when eating the vegetables whole (the fiber in the vegetable gets in the way of optimal absorption).

Those things being said, I know I have lots of room for improvement!  I still eat fast food (ew), processed foods, and sugary desserts.  Over the years I’ve implemented lots of nutritious habits – perhaps now it’s time to get rid of the bad ones. : (

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