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Custom Facebook Welcome Page

August 29, 2011
Custom Facebook Welcome Page Top Half

I am totally giddy to finally have a Custom Facebook Welcome Page!  You’d think I would have had this long ago, being that I am in the Online Marketing industry – but as the saying goes, the cobbler’s son has no shoes.  Well, I finally made my shoes today and I’m so excited.  I took some screen shots to share (I had to split it up cuz it was too big!):

Custom Facebook Welcome Page Top HalfCustom Facebook Welcome Page Bottom Half

I’m looking for some ‘Like Love’, so if you have a minute, please stop by and Like my page.

I’m also offering this service for very reasonable rates for anyone wanting a Custom Facebook Page (Welcome, or otherwise).  I know there is a free tool out there called “Pagemodo“, which can be good if you don’t have the means for a paid page.  The downsides are there are no clickable links allowed (such as to your website, etsy shop, etc.), email opt-ins, or videos, unless you upgrade.  However, I would strongly caution anyone who was considering upgrading because they charge a monthly fee just to keep your page up!

As an introductory offer, I am willing to work with most budgets, a nominal one-time fee, and I certainly won’t charge a monthly fee just to keep your page up.  Please inquire about rates via the “Contact Me” tab to the right of this page (or however else you know how to reach me!).

Some of the features I offer are as follows:

  • 11 color schemes to choose from
  • 7 templets to choose from, including Graphics, Text, Video, Links, and Email Opt-Ins
  • Optional Video Playback only when Page is Liked
  • Whichever Beautiful Fonts You Want!
  • Reveal Tab Option (Blurs out the contents of your Page until it is “Liked” by the visitor – this is especially useful if you are offering a freebie in exchange for their ‘like’.)
  • Email Opt-In
  • Optional Follow Up Campaigns via Email OR Text (this does have a monthly fee)
Packages start at $60 (one time fee).  But, like I said, I am willing, as an introductory offer to the blogging / art community, to work with almost any reasonable budget, so please don’t be shy to inquire!!
Other available services include:
  • Video Creation
  • Banner Creation
  • Blog Button Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media Status Updates
  • Keyword Research
  • and More
Tell me, what are your biggest needs regarding blogging, promotion, social media, etc.?

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  • Reply Kanchan Mahon August 31, 2011 at 12:06 PM

    I would love to know how you might be able to help me. eems
    I am a fellow flyer, i saw your post on the group site just now.

    It seems that you only work with Facebook sites? I hope I am wrong in this, because I need help on my own domain site (listed above). I have most of it set up
    and really need very minimal help with how to add a “subscribe” button to the blog page.

    Some people tell me it’s no problem to sign up for the “RSS” feed. However for some of us Computer Impaired, it is not an obvious thing to click on.

    I wonder if you can help me with this? ~Kanchan


    angela Reply:

    @Kanchan Mahon,
    Hi Kanchan!

    Yes, I can do more than custom facebook pages.

    I’ve never worked on a Weebly site (which is very cool to showcase your work!) -- but if you give me access to your back end, I would be happy to see if I can help you. Just send me an email with the link to where you log in, and your login details. After I have a look around I can let you know :-)

    By the way… I LOVE your collage work!!!


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