I’m home, after another long day at BYU Education Week full of back-to-back classes – freaking a little bit inside that I have to leave again in less than seven hours.  Already feeling the lack of sleep (I’m a nine hour a night kind of gal), I had to duck out of a class today and catch some z’s on the grass…

Grass Nap

As you can see – not looking my best.  I can’t, in good conscience, sacrifice one extra minute of sleep to slab any amount of make up on my face.  I definitely value my sleep more than that!  (I should, however, touch up my roots soon…)

Here’s my view:

View from the grass

Some more brief thoughts on forgiveness, and how to help us forgive…

  • Rediscover the humanity of the person who hurt us.
  • Surrender our right to get even.
  • Revise our feelings.
  • Realize forgiving and reunion are not the same thing.
  • Realize you can love someone for their infinite worth and potential as a human being and child of God, without having them qualify for your trust or friendship.

Love that last one.  Like I’ve mentioned, I don’t really struggle with forgiveness (anymore) because of all the work I’ve done with that in the past.  I forgive easily – mostly, I don’t even need to forgive because I choose not to take offense in the first place.  However, that last bullet point speaks to me and I could use this in real life situations.  One thing I do struggle with, is boundaries when someone has abused my trust.

On raising children….

Children develop good self worth and self satisfaction when they accomplish hard things – not when they are placated with constant undue and unearned praise, which creates entitlement monsters.

So instead of throwing around praise for the simplest things, praise them for working hard and accomplishing things they didn’t think they could do.  This will teach a child to recognize the pride in working hard and accomplishment.

On living life well….

“Trials are God’s veiled angels to us.”

“What we call disappointments, are only not God’s appointments.”

– Alfred Edersheim

For reasons I can’t explain right now, I feel deeply akin to Alfred Edersheim and am thrilled to have been exposed to his life and works.

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