Rainbow After the Storm

*** The Uninvited Tear ***

the uninvited tear
that visited me yester-year
today slipped upon my face
from an eye that lost its embrace

dear uninvited tear
you are unwelcome here
no notice, no knock
you may not just appear

I cried you once
I cried you twice
I cried you more than thrice

you are part of a symphony
already written
a story already told
we will have no reminiscing hold

but, alas, you are here
what news do you bear?
a bittersweet scent to breeze across my nose?
to remind me of old throes?

to remind me where I come from?
to remind me who I am?

ah, yes, I do behold the beauty in the pain
if it is the only way to remember,
send down your troops of rain
“It is better to drink of deep griefs than to taste shallow pleasures.” ¬†{William Hazlitt}

¬†More on the inspiration behind this poem next week…