I fell in love with this video by The Civil Wars, called Dance Me to the End of Love, after viewing it today at the recommendation of an old friend.  I love it so and so I would love to share it with you here.  Could singing ever look more beautiful and soulful?

As for me, I’m trying to get comfortable with blogging again.  In my long hiatus I’ve been engaging in other artful mediums, such as photography, drawing, and painting – I’m sure I’ll be posting some things here.

After such a long break from writing, I’m feeling way rusty and a little too inward to share so much right now.  It’s funny, you start a blog and obviously know it is public, up for anyone to read, but then you start hearing people you know say they read your blog, and suddenly it becomes a little bit uncomfortable!  Ehhh.  I’m sure I’ll find my way back on a more regular basis again.

Thanks for reaching out and sending private messages.  I’m sorry I haven’t responded to every one of them.  It’s that complicated introvert in me…

Thanks for reading :-)

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