The Bitter and the Sweet

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Been quiet.  Writer’s block.  Very much in my head for the last week or so trying to sort out a tough decision that has been all consuming.  It’s always hard to make a decision that you know will hurt other people, but you come to realize it must be.  Seems like everything is a trade off in life, sacrificing one thing to gain another.  I guess we can only hope on our graph of life we ultimately have an incline.

There is a reason bitter and sweet go together.  Growth usually comes from pain.  And we cannot know joy unless we also know sorrow.

I know these things intellectually, and yet my heart still grieves.  I’m stuck somewhere between excited and sad.

And so the cycle goes – for all of us throughout our lives, never yielding.  Tough decisions bring equal parts joy and pain, hope and despair, growth and death, opportunity born and opportunity lost.

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5 Responses to The Bitter and the Sweet

  1. Gretchen says:

    Sending you hugs! I know those decisions are hard to make, but the good thing is, once you make them you usually feel so much better after. :-)


    angela Reply:

    @Gretchen, So true, Gretch. I’m almost there…


  2. Cry says:

    I must have missed something somewhere and Im not sure what is going on but I will pray for you and Im here for you if you need anything.
    i really like how you said:There is a reason bitter and sweet go together. Growth usually comes from pain. And we cannot know joy unless we also know sorrow.

    Im sorry if you have sad heart
    i want you to have a happy heart
    have a great weekend


  3. cry says:

    missin your postings
    hope you are doing ok


  4. Cry says:

    your in my prayers and im still missin you!
    I cant wait for the day I see that you have posted again.


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