Western Trail Riding Sunol HorseSepia, texture, and vignette done in iDarkRoom | X-Pro II done in Instagram

This was the horse that I rode during Gianna’s and my trail ride.  She is a Palomino and I loved her!

Sunlight Through the TreeSepia and texture added in iDarkRoom – if I had all the time in the world I’d cut off that black bar on the top!

Tree RootsDark Brown filter added in iDarkRoom | X Pro II added in Instagram

Tree Against SkyBlack and White added in iDarkRoom | Nashville filter in Instagram

Cookies and MilkFaded added in iDarkRoom

Woofie | British Golden RetrieverSepia added in iDarkRoom | CrossProcess in Blue

Dynamic Light | Trees | SkyDynamic Light: Dutch Light, Centered Flash

I don’t know… I’ve seen a lot of use of the Dynamic Light from people on Instagram.  Can’t decide if I’m a fan or not.  It makes pics look so other-wordly.  I think I like things more pure and simple.  But fun to use once in awhile.  Thoughts?

Gianna | Lord Kevin Instagram

Sepia in iDarkRoom | Lord Kevin filter in Instagram

Haven’t been a fan of the Lord Kevin filter, but for some reason I felt it worked on this photo of my niece and I love it!  Maybe it worked because of the simplicity of the photo – there’s not a lot going on.  I love Gianna’s soft expression and glowy eyes here.

Angela DiGiovanni | Self Portrait | Black and White | Earlybird InstagramSelf Portrait | Black and White Hi-def in iDarkRoom | Earlybird filter on Instagram

This is by far my newest discovery and favorite mix of techniques.  Makes almost any photo look good!

Here are some more…

Enzo | Black and White Earlybird InstagramBlack and White in iDarkRoom | Earlybird filter in Instagram

Okay, really, does he not resemble the sunshine?  Love the life in Enzo’s face captured here.

Vinnie | Enzo | Gianna | Black and White Earlybird InstagramBlack and White Hi-def in iDarkRoom | Earlybird filter in Instagram

So blessed by these three peeps in my life… Vincent, Enzo, and Gianna.

As always, please feel free to share links to your favorite photos in the comments :-)

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