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Road Tripping | California to Utah

March 30, 2011
Road Trip | Nevada Wastelands
Road Trip | Nevada Wastelands

Road Trip | Nevada Wastelands

Road Trip | Wendover Rest Stop

Road Trip | Wendover Rest Stop

Road Trip | Salt Flats in Utah

Road Trip | Salt Flats in Utah

Late last night Pumpkin and I finally arrived back home after a 13-day trip to Utah.  The drive there seemed easy and quick – we made it in a record ten and a half hours after starting early in the morning, with clear skies and roads.  Yesterday we got a late start coming home and we were both very sleepy, needing to switch driving duties often.

Because of the late start, that meant driving through the Sierra Nevadas in the dark, which always stresses me out. Our headlights, I realized, are way too dim, and the only way I even made it without driving 25 miles per hour through the pass, was by following someone else.  It had clearly stormed in the prior days, as the banks of snow on either side ranged from four to ten feet high – covering any reflective light from signs or reflectors, making it nearly impossible to see.  It was an hour of torture.

So I did what I had to to get me through it and blasted 80’s hair band music – Tesla, Damn Yankees, Boston, Poison, Guns & Roses, even Nelson.  Yeah.  It. was. awesome!  Pumpkin slept through all the noise.  It’s a good thing.  He kind of wonders who I am when I rock it out like that. :-)

There is something magical about being out on the open road.  Driving through wastelands and beautiful skies. Seeing little cities like Battle Mountain and Elko, NV, and wondering if anyone actually moves in, or if they are all just born there.  And how did the people get there to begin with?  What is their history?

We stopped in Elko to eat and noted how absolutely happy one of the servers was.  He greeted every patron like a long lost friend and joked with them jovially.  I revered him for being a man be so happy living in this wasteland of tumbleweed and hopelessness.  I thought about what I could learn from him.  A lot, I figured.

Today is a gorgeous, warm, sunny day in Northern California – a welcome relief from the bitter cold, snowy and wet Utah weather we lived for almost two weeks.  Both places feel home to me, and inevitably when I’m in one, I miss the other… California for the green and gold rolling hills, beautiful weather, and my paternal family, and Utah for my step family, the affordable rural lifestyle possibilities, and the bubble of good natured, Christian people everywhere.  Sigh… decisions, decisions.

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    great pictures
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