Provo Temple

Tina and Me in Front of the Provo LDS Temple

I’ll never forget the first day I spent with Tina right after she came into the United States for the first time.  Tina is the bride of my stepson, Jared.  They met while he was serving a mission in Pinotepa, Mexico – and while they couldn’t date while he was on his mission, he was sure to know how to contact her when he was done!

After his mission was over, we accompanied Jared back to his mission areas so he could show us around and share his two years of experiences with us.  Part of that was traveling the long journey to meet Tina and her family… ten hours outside of Oaxaca and Mexico City.  In other words, way out in the boonies.  A humble town, where most of the homes had dirt floors, and only empty squares without actual window panes in the walls.  At Tina’s home, they showered out of a bucket.  (I was with Tina the first time she ever stepped foot on carpet.)

Our next trip to Mexico was for Jared and Tina’s wedding.  With bright eyes and a peaceful countenance, I could see why Jared was attracted to this girl.

During the first few days of coming to the U.S., Jared needed to go to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Tina didn’t know another living soul in the whole country, besides Jared (other than having had met us twice). What could have been a rather awkward day, turned into a fun challenge.  Tina didn’t speak a lick of English, and we could only speak a handful of words in Spanish, and she was having to take in such grandeur that she’d never seen in her life.

We gestured and used a translation gadget that wasn’t very reliable.  But best of all, we laughed at ourselves together for our pitiful attempts at communicating with each other.  It was a great bonding experience that forced us together with Jared out of commission.

That was a couple of years ago.

Today, Tina and I shared a special time together in a sacred place.  For the longest time I’ve desired to be able to really talk with her – to know her feelings on things.  And today, we had one of those conversations, and I realized just how far we’ve come.

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