Farm Life

My heart just wants to jump into this image and live inside of it.  The country.  A farm.  A simple life (full of hard work).  Horses, a barn, chickens, perhaps a cute little miniature goat grazing in the pasture.  (And a milking cow for my honey – while I’d like the benefits, I don’t think I’m ready for that responsibility.)  And tall, tall trees. Majestic Willow Trees.

I yearn for long nights sitting on porch swings with my honey, watching the sun set across the edge of our acreage, sipping lavender lemonade.  We would retire for the evening in an early 1900’s restored refuge, complete with wood burning fireplaces, wood floors, vintage chandeliers, and stand alone bathtubs.

This picture is all around me in Utah.  I’m seeing the landscape with new eyes and my heart feels at home.

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