Weeping Cherry Tree | Spring 2009

Weeping Cherry Tree | Spring 2009

Hello friends!  Just wanted to let you know that I am over here today for the official release of The Virgin Wife Chronicles.

It’s been a day full of mixed emotions…

  • relief that release day is out of the way
  • relief that the website is *almost* done
  • frustration that the password protected content wasn’t working (it was working just fine a couple of days ago – so I didn’t bother testing it again)
  • anxiety over how the Chronicles will be received
  • fear of being able to keep up with the writing at a pace that keeps the readers engaged

I’ve found peace with the fact that the password protected content didn’t work out… maybe it’s a gift in disguise as it will give would-be readers a chance to see what they can expect in future chronicles and encourage them to subscribe.

After publishing what ended up being the first Chronicle, I realized how much content I don’t have written yet. What’s in the first release was really meant to be two different Chronicles.  After putting the first part in, it seemed too sparse, so I added more to it.  I’m trying not to compare too much with other online serials, but I see that mine definitely won’t have the word count that others have.  Maybe in time as I get more comfortable with the writing process…

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