On Friday’s I’m going to start posting my favorite photos from the week.  I’m slowly learning more and more about photography and having a blast with photo editing.  I mostly use my cheesy 3G iPhone – so I really rely on editing to make pictures look good :-)  You will see that I enjoy a vintage look, mostly.

My Niece | Savannah

This is my darling niece, Savannah.  It’s rare for me to catch her still long enough for a great photo.  I don’t get the sense that she enjoys having her photo taken.  Savannah is a great little talker right now, assertive, independent, and bold, not to mention cute as heck.  I love her little glasses on her – it reminds me of the old pictures I see of my brother when he was her age, wearing similar black-rimmed glasses. :-)

My Nephew | Josh

This is my nephew, Josh.  He, on the other hand, was able to be convinced to take great photos as long as he got to dart into me afterwards to look at them as soon as they were taken :-)  Sometimes he would run off a wee too soon and I’d have to explain what a retake was.  Eventually he got the concept down that if he wanted to see more photos of himself, we had to take more pictures.  It was truly win/win.  Oh, and Joshie called me by name for the first time (that I’ve heard) this week… sent me over the moon.

Josh with Buzz

Josh with his favorite companion, Buzz.



This is our dog, Woofie.  My dad calls her a Golden Retired.  She doesn’t fetch anything.  She doesn’t jump in rivers.  She doesn’t stick her head out the car window.  She’s needy and she bows to chihuahuas.  But we love her, anyways.  Here she is with a fresh bath and shave.

Cherry Blossom Tree

Ah.  Love the newness of Spring.  Cherry Blossoms are among my favorite trees (along with anything else that blossoms or weeps).

Enzo's Musings

Oh, my sweet nephew, Enzo… here he writes to his mom about all of his relatives.  He did this awhile ago and I’ve always smiled when I pass by it in my sister’s office where it hangs.  (translations: brother is ‘awesome’; unlces are ‘athletic’).  I wonder what he means when he says his aunts’ are ‘careful’.  I think I’ll ask… ;-)

Self Portrait | Angela DiGiovanni

Sometimes I am my own muse when I want to explore composition, editing, and processing ideas.  This is a result of editing and processing in GIMP (a freeware version of Photoshop), plus the Instagram application.

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great weekend :-)

What are some of your favorite photos?  How about a link in the comments for us to see?

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