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Infertility Prayer | Show Me the Way to Peace

March 9, 2011
Asilomar Beach

Asilomar Beach

Dear God,

Am I too judgmental?
Too idealistic?
Too radical?

Will I not make a good nurturer?
Be too overbearing?
Too controlling?

Will I not be able to provide?
To shelter?
To nourish?

Am I not healthy enough?
Brave enough?
Sane enough?

Am I too much of a gypsy?
A wanderer?
A broken spirit?

Does she not want me?
Does he not need me?
Do they not also yearn for me, too?

Will we not meet in this life?
Will we not teach each other?
Will we not learn from each other?

Why do I feel them whisper to me?
Why do I whisper to them?
Why does my soul feel incomplete in their absence?

If they are waiting on me,
Show me the way to their hearts.

If they are waiting on me,
Show me the way to their birth.

If I am never to hold them,
Show me the way to acceptance.

Show me the way to peace.

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