Angela DiGiovanni | RAW

Angela DiGiovanni | RAW

Raw is the cloak I haven’t been wearing
It is the uncooked emotions I’m continually bearing

Raw is the juice that is squeezed from my soul
It is the unfiltered story that flows uncajoled

Raw is the process of being true
The honest experience, whether blissful or blue

Raw is the vibrant color of pure
Which non-existent filters ensure

Raw is the beauty of being
Where your heart rests instead of fleeing

Raw is the exposer of truth
Freedom experienced is your proof

Raw is the nourishment of life
The extinguisher of rife

Raw is the great intimidator
For life’s perpetual spectator

Raw is the wound exposed
So a life may experience repose

Raw has been a savior
Freeing my soul of misbehavior


*Sunday Scribblings is a weekly writing prompt – today’s prompt is, ‘Raw’.

I just came across this website for the first time and I can’t believe that the prompt for this week is “Raw”… how perfectly appropriate.

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