Today I was asked, “Is being a victim really so bad?”*

You can often overhear me talking about my belief that there are no victims.

So in answer to the question…

At the risk of sounding insensitive, let me explain my position.

Being a victim is really so bad, only in the sense that being a victim evokes some kind powerlessness.  When I think of ‘victim’, I think of people stuck in the pains of their past, debilitated in their present, blaming everything else for their unhappy existence.  While we don’t always get to choose our circumstances, we always get to choose our reaction.  And in that sense, I don’t believe that there are any victims.  But I lived so much of my life being a victim (my definition) that I’m hyper-sensitive to the idea :-)

We just have too many examples of survivors among us to believe in being a victim.

Like this Cherry Tree…

Snow Covered Cherry Blossom | Survivor

Snow Covered Cherry Blossom | Survivor

…snow dumped on it.  But it survived through Spring.


*thank YOU (you know who you are) for inspiring my post for today :-)

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