Book Video Trailer For The Virgin Wife Chronicles

IMG 1046 2 Book Video Trailer For The Virgin Wife Chronicles

I am so excited to have my Book Video Trailer for The Virgin Wife Chronicles complete!  This took many arduous hours to make – my first time using Windows Movie Maker.  I have to say, it’s a great program and reasonably easy to use for a first-timer who was just committed to figuring it out.

Please feel free to give me your feedback – good, bad, ugly. My hope with this video is to generate interest and reflect the tone for the book… a little bit haunting, a little bit beautiful. And, of course, I want people to be interested enough after seeing it, to take action, go to the site, and read the online serial (which is coming VERY soon… I promise!).

I am all ears to your initial reaction to it, your critique, feedback, suggestions, etc.

Thanks so much!

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2 Responses to Book Video Trailer For The Virgin Wife Chronicles

  1. ylva says:

    hi :),

    now i don’t even know where to start… you left a very sweet comment on my blog a long time ago and i’ve been so curious about you. wanted to check your blog of course, but i’ve been quite ill since and have had a lot of deadlines, so i sort of put it off for the future. anyway, i’m here now and have been looking around for quite some time now. beautiful is all that i can say. and a book! wow… keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you all the best ;).

    and yes, i’m swedish (how did you know?), but we live in the caribbean.

    in a bit of a rush, but thank you :)!


    angela Reply:

    Thank you for visiting, Ylva, and for your nice comments! I remember your beautiful kids… seriously gorgeous.

    I knew you were Swedish because I had to use a language translator to read you blog :-) I wish I could say I was just really smart, or something… but no.

    Stay in touch!


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