Teresa Delfin | Founder of Mountain Mama

Teresa Delfin | Founder of Mountain Mama

Teresa Delfin has shared the stage with Oprah Winfrey, Maria Shriver, Jillian Michaels, Laila Ali, and many more, since her line, Mountain Mama, launched just over a year ago.  The acclaim she is getting is nothing short of AMAZING.  I remember meeting Teresa and her twin sister in Kindergarten.  The shy Spanish-speaking duo couldn’t speak a lick of English (at least not that I could tell).  We were on the playground and I vaguely remember trying to talk to them, being confused that they couldn’t, or didn’t, talk back.  Though we’ve been in and out of touch, Teresa and I have been friends ever since.

When we exactly could communicate, I don’t recall.  Perhaps our communication started with laughter and play, and that was all we needed.  But through the years, we graduated from playgrounds into co-ed parties.  Teresa and her sister hosted the first one near the end of the fifth grade.  How cool were they?  I can still remember the skirt I picked out – pink denim with big green paisley flowers (yikes).  These bi-lingual beauties were a long way from the timid twins I found in Kindergarten, leaping into unknown territory and bringing a slew of us with them.

Teresa’s house became the hub of many parties through the years, where lots of butterflies were felt for the first time, hearts were made (and broken).  In Junior High, she won best hair for the yearbook.  One of her best friends won best dressed (who wore all of Teresa’s clothes).  I’m pretty sure T was student body President, or some kind of reigning queen.

One of my vivid memories of T was sketching out fashion designs.  During sleepovers, a bunch of us girls would wake up in the mornings (early afternoon, more like) and there she would be, already awake and sketching.  One day she would be a fashion designer.  We all had our dreams back then.  But T’s wasn’t just a dream…

A Stanford PhD grad, Professor of Anthropology, world traveler (sometimes alone – we had tickets and plans to back-pack around Europe together and days before we were supposed to leave, my back went out.  While I stayed in bed for two weeks, she went to Europe without me!), and now, the Founder of Mountain-Mama, T has made her dream of fashion designing come true.

Mountain Mama

Her inspiration for this line came from being pregnant and not being able to find maternity clothes fit for outdoor adventure.  Being an avid rock climber, and yoga enthusiast (among other things), Teresa began creating makeshift maternity clothes for herself that would allow her the freedom and flexibility to continue doing the things she loved.  Who said pregnant Mamas couldn’t rock climb and kayak?  Being pregnant wasn’t going to stop this Mama!

Teresa Delfin | Rock Climber

Teresa Delfin | Yoga Enthusiast

Teresa Delfin | Kayaking

Teresa is one of the most capable and ambitious people I’ve ever met.

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