Mark Kemp and Angela DiGiovanni Wedding Day

Mark Kemp and Angela DiGiovanni Wedding Day

It’s not that I’m anti Valentines Day.  I’m just not super into it.  It’s the Day that you feel compelled to do all sorts of things that you may or may not feel like doing that day.  And who wants to join the masses for dinner out?

At the risk of sounding too jaded, Valentines Day has become so commercialized and full of expectation.  Am I gonna get diamonds?  Flowers?  A car full of balloons?  10 pounds of chocolate?  Surely, a card… Hallmark, Sees Candies, and flower shops are the biggest winners on this day.  And besides, what does all of this have to do with Saint Valentine?  I mean, how did we get from martyred Saints of Ancient Rome to chocolates, diamonds, expensive dinners, and flowers?

I’m not crying because my honey isn’t thoughtful.  He is.  But he’s thoughtful any given day.  Over the years, since we’ve been dating, I’m often stumbling upon little red strips of paper, like the ones in fortune cookies, with lovely sentiments on them.  They’ll be on my pillow when I climb into bed.  On his pillow when I climb out of bed.  In the bathroom.  Taped to my computer.  In my underwear drawer.  You name it.  He’s even managed to get these love notes to me when he’s been away.

It’s always nice to hear things like:  “I’ll Always Remember Why I Fell In Love With You”, “You Still Turn Me On”, “I Want to Make Babies With You”, “You Are the Love of My Life”, “I Love Your Smile”, “You’re A Good Person”.  I have hundreds of these by now, and they just keep coming.  It’s a small gesture that puts a huge smile on my face every time I find one.

So I’m all for being sentimental and sweet, I’m just not that into feeling pressure on one particular day to be that way.  I’d much rather know that my Love was thinking of me on his own, not because the world was telling him he should be thinking of me.

So how did we spend our day?  We worked for a few hours in the morning, and then took the afternoon off and NAPPED.  We stayed in bed for over four hours.  Got up for some homemade guacamole and a recorded episode of American Idol, then went back to bed.  I’m typing.  Pumpkin is sleeping next to me.

Mark Kemp and Angela DiGiovanni Wedding Day

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How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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