Sleep Vs. Creative Flow

Sleep Vs. Creative Flow

It’s futile. The Gushing Creative Flow always wins.

Why is it that I’m practically falling asleep at my desk during the day, hit ‘create new blog post’ and stare blankly at the screen, or pull out a new art canvas and draw a blank, but at 4am I wake up with all kinds of creative thoughts that I just can’t turn off?

I’m like an innocent bystander while I witness the dual between sleep, begging for mercy, and Creation, begging for her outlet.

Sleep says, “I’m exhausted, and if I don’t get my needs met, Angela will be grouchy and good for nothing this day.”

Creation retorts, “I’m not always around, and you better let me have at her while I’m available.”

“But have you no mercy, Creation? Can’t you see she needs her sleep right now?”

“I have none,” Creation answers. “For many people I must visit and this was the only time I could come to her.”

Sleep doesn’t buy it.

Creation doesn’t care.

“Take me now, or forever let her be stuck,” Creation says.

And so, Creation wins. Always.

‘Bout time for Sleep to get a backbone.

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